Mahroo Tajalli

Mahroo Tajalli

2019 Awardee: Study to Evaluate the Utility and Validity of the Hidradenitis Suppurativa Screening Tool (HST)

Clinical Research Fellow, Brown Dermatology, Inc., The Clinical and Translational Research Program, Department of Dermatology at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

Award amount: $5,000

Layman’s Statement

Hidradenitis Suppurativa is a chronic inflammatory condition which affects body skin folds such as armpits, under or between breasts, groins or buttocks.  Characteristic skin lesions include recurrent pimples, boils, areas that leak pus or fluid, which all cause significant scarring, pain and diminished quality of life.  Other than skin lesions, HS patients may also suffer from concomitant conditions such as high blood pressure, high serum triglycerides, diabetes, join disorder, obesity, or digestive system diseases such as Crohn’s disease.  While early diagnosis and treatment of HS patients can be very helpful in improvement of their skin lesions, prevention of scarring, appropriate management of their concomitant conditions and overall better quality of life, given the location and nature of their skin lesions, the diagnosis and treatment are frequently delayed.  Currently, no validated screening tool exists to aid in the early diagnosis of their disease.  The HST would be a means for individuals to self-assess and self-report their symptoms.  This in turn would accelerate effective treatment, prevention of scarring, and management of their concomitant conditions.