Hidradenitis Suppurativa Support Groups

HS support groups

The HS Foundation endorses Hope for HS as a support resource for those with HS, their caregivers and loved ones.

Hope for HS

Hope for HS was founded in 2013 by Angie Parks-Miller and Dr. Melissa Williams.  Hope for HS is the 1st face to face support group in the United States for those with HS, their caregivers and loved ones.

Support group meetings physically take place in Detroit, Michigan at Henry Ford Hospital.  However, Hope for HS provides the ability for anyone worldwide to attend meetings via telephone, and is currently using Facebook Live to allow for inclusion of others that are unable to physically attend.

Recognizing the popularity of social media, Hope for HS also has both a public Facebook page and a private closed Facebook support group.  The Facebook support group may be found by searching: “Hope for HS”.  The Facebook group is a closed group, meaning anything you post in this group remains private to the support group page and is not visible to those in your general friends list or newsfeed.

Hope for HS is also assisting other locations to form support groups.  In 2015, Albert Einstein Montefiore Department of Dermatology formed a face to face support group for HS, making it the 2nd U.S. location for face to face support groups for HS.

At Hope for HS support group meetings, those with HS are able to interact with others that have HS.  Information is periodically provided via presentations on understanding HS, current treatments and research.  A physician is always present at the support group meeting to answer questions and provide accurate information on HS.  Hope for HS is currently working with other medical centers to open chapters of Hope for HS.

Hope for HS also works to raise awareness about HS.  In August 2015, Hope for HS participated in the Color Run 5K, with 30 participants, to raise awareness for HS, and again participated in August 2016.

Hope for HS also represents the interests of those with HS in communication with the pharmaceutical and insurance industry.

Hope for HS recognizes the impact of HS on quality of life.  In 2015, Hope for HS produced a 10 minute documentary on the quality of life impacts of HS.  Many use this video as a tool to tell others about HS and the deep impacts felt.

To find out more about Hope for HS meeting dates and times, please visit their website at www.hopeforhs.org

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